Our team in a few words

Vigilant and attentive to our environment, we are keeping up with the latest technologies and innovations, for the quality we offer, sustainability and social concerns. Our team is composed of motivated and qualified members whose importance is crucial for wilight telecoms. We also monitor and follow up our work after it has been completed. Working with wilight telecoms means ensuring quality, sustainable and reliable services.

With this in mind, we are constantly listening to your needs and trying to respond to them as best we can. We work closely with you throughout our project to be as close to your wishes as possible and to achieve them by your side.

Our company is processing its “digitalization” and setting up ISO standard 14001 (environmental management) is one of our social goals. We focus on being your partner and to work together in order to add more value and improve your firm while respecting its values, which are fundamental to us.

Yessine Agrebi

Telecom Technical Collaborator

Wilson Umaña

Founder & Manager

Jean-Marc Court

Project Manager

Karine Florence

LED Lighting Specialist

Dominic Kellenberger

Technical Manager

Abdel Basri

Data Center Specialist & Technical Collaborator

Ludivia Garcés

Administrative Collaborator

Bryan Umana

Administrative Officer & Business Developer

Here are the main sectors of our customers

Many customers have entrusted us with the creation and updating of their structured cabling, their new optical fiber, the installation and maintenance of their data center or their LED lighting. Contact us by e-mail or phone to receive references and further information on these other projects to get an overview of the services we have already carried out.


The Swiss watch is a symbolic object where all the details are taken care of, both outside and inside. Our motto is similar. We strive to take care of our work from A to Z, from the small to the big element and this is one of the strengths that our leading customers particularly appreciate.


This sector where cleanliness is crucial and where the human is the center of attention, requires rigour and discretion. Accustomed to working in data centers, our partners choose us because in addition to careful work, we work in a way that does not disturb the staff and always clean up behind us.