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Your satisfaction is our priority. wilight telecoms is the perfect partner to guide your choices by offering you expertise in telematics and more specifically in IT cabling, data center and LED lighting products.

Our partners

For several years, we have been working with professional partners for whom the success of our client’s projects is crucial. These diverse suppliers and subcontractors complement our services, which allows you to fulfill your goals.

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Created in 2009, wilight telecoms Sàrl has stood out in the installation of high-quality computer wired networks, and lighting systems. Thanks to the know-how and follow-up we propose to our customers, we developed quality poles in different domains of activity, and offer competent services in maintenance.

We pay attention to every detail and we take care of the finishing touches in order to make your new installations easier to use.

wilight telecoms has three main fields of activity:

  1. Telematics / IT cabling (IT copper and fiber optics cabling, low-current)
  2. Data centers (complete creation of a data center)
  3. LED Lighting (indoor and outdoor)