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Telematics / IT cabling

Combining telecommunications and computer sciences, telematics has become an important part in our daily life. Its role could be compared to our spine. Therefore, its set up and maintenance require thoroughness and vast know-how.

Specialized in telematics, we focused ourselves in these technologies. We use our skills to serve high quality universal wiring. We configure and make the networking of passive elements and create VOIP solutions. We are committed to follow your IT development from the first installation to day-to-day updates in order to ensure you efficiency, dynamism and adaptability.

Fiber optics

Transmitting information through a glass or a very fine plastic thread, fiber optics allows a high data rate. It offers a quick and efficient access to Internet, or any telecommunication network for data transmission, and distinguishes itself by the stability of its network.

The implementation of this technology requires specific skills, as well as substantial materials and infrastructure. With a long experience in this field and the right equipment, which is carefully chosen regarding our needs, we know how to fulfill your expectations, and how to guide you while establishing together the solution which best suits your needs.

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